A lot of people wonder if French Bulldogs are good with kids.  French Bulldogs are one of the most loving, affectionate lap dogs you could possibly have.  The answer is yes, they are great with kids and usually do great with other pets as well, especially other French Bulldogs!  If you are wanting to purchase a new puppy for your family, there’s really no better pick than a French Bulldog.  With supervision, Frenchies will make the perfect addition to any family even ones with small children.  My French Bulldogs have been great with my kids as you can see in the picture to the right, she is always in someone’s lap and it’s usually one the boys’!French Bulldog with Kids

French Bulldogs are loyal, lovabull, and smart.  Adding a Frenchie to your family is going to be just like adding another child.  My Frenchie enjoys spending time with my children, and she prefers to do so over anyone else.  I’m usually the one that feeds her, takes her outside and does everything for her, but she absolutely adores her brothers the most.  She helps me wake them up in the mornings for school and she usually goes with me to pick them up too.

Children Love Dogs and Dogs Love Children<3

Any dog can be good with children with proper training.  All of the bully breeds, even pit bulls can be great family pets.  Pit Bulls have a bad reputation because of irresponsible people, not because they are mean.  They are also one of the sweetest dogs in the world, and often protective of their family.  However, there are some dog breeds that don’t tolerate children as well as the bully breeds,  Chihuahua being the worst with children in my opinion.  Chihuahuas often have the tiny dog complex, they bark a lot and generally are just not a great natured dog to have around children.

French Bulldogs are Good with Kids!

Kids like to play, and dogs like to play so naturally they play together.  Maelee’s favorite game to play with the boys is fetch, she loves to get her ball and bring it back.  She also likes to play tug of war and they even try to play hide and seek with her.  I tell them that she is a dog, and she can use her scent to find them.  But they play it with her anyway and it’s funny because sometimes she doesn’t find where they are hiding!  My French Bulldog is obsessed with her kids and she loves spending time with them.

French Bulldogs will blend well with any family structure as long as you train them properly.  They need lots of love and attention, as they don’t like to be alone and thrive on human French  Bulldogs are Great with Kidscompanionship.  Frenchies don’t require too much exercise, and you won’t need a big yard to be able to keep one.  And they really are all around just the perfect dog for any family!

Tips for A Kid-Friendly Dog

Socialize your dog early between 8 and 16 weeks of age, even if you don’t have kids in your home it is important for any dog to be socialized properly.  Introduce your dog to children at this puppy stage to ensure they know what to expect later on in life. This not only helps them become familiar with other people but it can also minimize the stress when you have guests coming into your home.  French Bulldogs are typically a breed that loves people in general, but you still should properly socialize them as puppies, it helps them grow and learn new things.

Start by showing your child what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior towards the dog, and enforce these rules.  Some children like to play rough and unfortunately, this can lead to negative consequences for both the child and the dog.  My children know that our dog is not a toy, and she’s not to be treated like a rag doll.  She’s part of our family and in order for her to play nice with them, they have to play nice with her first.


If your uncomfortable introducing your dog to children, try de-sensitivity training first.  Start by handling your dog the way a young child might and teach him to be tolerant of these behaviors and reward him for doing so.

Obedience training any dog will go a long way, and your dog will behave better in all aspects.  If your dog knows the word, “No” and it should, or whatever you use to tell it that it shouldn’t be doing something you should have no problem correcting any negative behaviors.  You should teach your dog not to jump up, no matter how little of a dog it’s still not appropriate for visitors or children in your home.

Dogs often do better around kids when they know they have a safe place to go.  If your dog has a crate they can use this as a place to go and relax away from the kids when they want to rest.  Check out my complete training guide here for more tips!

Child’s Best Friend

There’s a reason why the saying goes a dog is a man’s best friend because they are the most loyal companions.  Our dog is there for us when no one in the world is, they love us no matter what we French Bulldog Good with Kidslook or feel like.  That’s definitely just as true for a child if you had a pet growing up you know what a strong bond you had with that dog.  Looking back I remember my first dog and what it was like playing with him and being loved by him.

Dogs can really bring a lot of joy to a family.  Even if they are a lot of responsibility, the love and companionship you get from one makes it very much worthwhile and then some.  If you have the time and the money and are ready for the commitment.  I think it’s a great idea for a family with children to adopt a dog, especially a Frenchie. My family wasn’t complete without my French Bulldog, I couldn’t imagine life without her.

Snakes, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

The bond that a dog and child have together is unlike anything else in the world.  They are the best of friends and inseparable, to say the least.  When children grow up with dogs it brings joy and entertainment for the entire family.  You can create wonderful memories with your pets that will last a lifetime.  I’m the type of person that loves all kinds of pets and would have a house full if I Kids Love French Bulldogscould.  Right now I just have a French Bulldog MaeLee Rae, but I’m planning to get another one.  They say once you get a Frenchie it’s hard to have just one, and that’s true.  She’s my second one and I will have another one!

French Bulldogs + Kids = Ultimate Happiness!!

Dogs can make a family complete, bring smiles and love that you just can’t possibly get from anything else.  I hope you like this post, I’d love to hear about the bond your dog has with you or your children in the comments!