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Big Boi called out by PETA on Twitter

Big Boi aka Antwan Patton is a rapper, actor, and record producer.  He was formally part of OutKast and he recently performed “The Way You Move” on the 2019 Super Bowl’s half-time show.

He was called out by PETA for wearing a fur coat during the performance with the non-profit stating this on twitter:

Then PETA went on to say…

PETA also wrote Big Boi a letter asking him to donate his fur coat to the homeless. According to TMZ, they also offered him a faux fur coat to wear instead of a real one.  Big Boi has yet to respond to PETA, only to post pictures of him and his own Bulldogs and a throwback video oh him and Andre 3000 rocking vibrant fur coats!

Hall of Fame Atlanta Braves manager, Bobby Cox recently purchased a French Bulldog puppy from rapper Big Boi’s brother, James Patton.


Formerly known as Bounty by Patton, Cox renamed him Moose, and he’s beautiful!

Big Boi and his brother own a Bulldog breeding business called Unbelievabull Bulldogs, they specialize in French and English Bulldogs and rescue all kinds of dogs.  They have been in the dog breeding business for 20 years in Georgia operating Pit Fall Kennels.  Patton started a subsidiary seven years ago and moved from breeding Pits to Bulldogs.  He has 25 Bulldogs that live with him at his breeding facility in Fairburn, Georgia.

Recently Patton had a client wanting to purchase his 8-week old bulldog named Bounty with a check.  He was skeptical about accepting the check as he’s had way too many bounce.  Until he realized that it was Bobby Cox wanting to buy the dog that is.  On February 11, Bobby went to Unbelievabull Bulldogs and purchased the eight-week-old puppy from Patton.

Patton said this of the recent interaction with Cox, “He just looked like a regular guy; he wasn’t wearing a Braves uniform or anything. He was cool as hell. I felt like a kid again. It was amazing,” he said. “I grew up watching Bobby Cox … with David, Andruw Jones, Chipper Jones. He was always on the field yelling at umpires, getting tossed out of games. And here he is in my yard, looking at my dogs… That probably made my whole year. I couldn’t believe it!!

Patton of Unbelievabull Bulldogs says he thinks he is one of the best breeders in the southeast and is usually picky about who he let’s purchase his puppies.  I’m sure it was such an honor to have Hall of Famer, Bobby Cox buy one of his puppies, it’s a big compliment!

Do you all think PETA was wrong for calling out Big Boi for wearing a fur coat in his Superbowl performance?