A lot of people wonder if French Bulldogs can swim.  Just by looking at the French Bulldog it is easy to see why they can’t.  They have a short, cobby body and a short snout.  Making them not well designed for floating in the water.  Their bones are heavier than most dogs and this also comes into play as one of the reasons they can’t swim well.  They are also commonly referred to as achondroplastic dwarves which means they always have limbs that are shorter than their bodies and often have overly large heads.

More often than not a Frenchie will have trouble swimming because of their flat face as well. Brachycephalic dogs are unable to swim with ease or to stay afloat properly because in order to keep their nose and mouth above the water line they must tilt their head upwards; this leads to their backs pointing downwards and leads them to a vertical position in the water which will cause them to sink.  If you want to know more about the characteristics of a French Bulldog you can refer to my post here.

 Can French Bulldogs Swim or NOT?

This question might have a different answer depending on who you ask.  Some people say that French Bulldogs can swim without any training,  and you can find several videos on YouTube that have French Bulldogs swimming.  So it seems as some of them can, however, I don’t advise you to try because most of them can NOT!  I noticed in the comments that a lot of Frenchie owners said: “OMG, Frenchies can swim, I’ve got to try this!” My heart sunk to the ground because it’s really dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted without the proper supervision.  You shouldn’t just throw your dog in the pool and expect it to be able to swim like these dogs, because more times than not they are not going to be able to.

You can absolutely let your dog play in shallow water or even a float with supervision it is just advised to take extra precaution with our chubby Frenchie babies.

French Bulldog in Mermaid Life Jacket

Invest in a Life Jacket

Often times you will see French Bulldogs fully able to enjoy any family outings at the beach or pool with the added protection of a life vest.  Frenchies are just like our children, it’s important that we treat them as such.  Take extra precaution with your French Bulldog anytime you are near a body of water that is above the dog’s head.

Summer Fun

It is important to note that our Frenchies can become exhausted by the heat very easily.  French Bulldogs typically don’t do well in hot climates for extended periods, so keep this in mind when going outside in the summer or on vacation.  We all love the water in the summer and your dog can enjoy it as well, as long as you are responsible.  You can have a great time this summer or on your vacation with your Frenchie in a lifejacket!  You can also turn on the doggy sprinkler or let them play in a shallow water dog pool with supervision.