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French Bulldog Information

French Bulldog Rescues

In this post, I will be discussing the importance of French Bulldog Rescues and how vital they are to the dog industry. Rescue a French Bulldog puppy today! The Sad Reality for Rescued French Bulldogs Many dogs are abandoned or given up for adoption each year in the United States.   Circumstances can change owners can …

French Bulldog Information

French Bulldog Names

Puppy Names-Girls A list of names by letter… Cute names, girly names, and unique names for your Frenchie…Here’s my personal list of favorite names for french bulldog puppies or just any puppy in general.  If you are looking to purchase a puppy of any kind you can use this list of names to get some …

French Bulldog Information

French Bulldog Traits

Bat Eared Beauties Special Characteristics What makes the French Bulldog so special?  These bat eared beauties are known for their widebodies, short frames, bat ears, and wrinkle faces. Frenchie Bulls have crooked teeth and an underbite.  They have a curled pigtail that is just as cute as it can be! They are squishy, snorty and …