Cute dog collars can change your pup from boring to classy with one click.  There are so many dog collars on the market today and I’m picky about the ones I choose to put on MaeLee.  I keep a cute collar on her almost all the time unless she’s in the bathtub because I take her out on a leash. I like her to look cute when we go out places so sometimes I choose to style her collars up a bit with a bow or flower.  There are no little girls in my home, just three boys and a husband, so I like to get the girliest ones.

It’s important to take your dog out on a leash and a collar provides you with the means to do so.  To see my post about the importance of a leash and how to prevent your pup from being lost or stolen check out my post here.

Some dog collars are just boring and plain, some are pretty with leather or bows.  I even thought about the gents as I was compiling this list, so there should be at least something for everyone.  Whether you’re wanting a girly collar for your designer dog, or just an everyday collar to serve its purpose, I’ll show you some of my favorites ones out there right now!

Cute & Girly Collars

Neptune & Co. has adorable, girly collars for your dog and they actually serve two purposes one for your dog and one to help other dogs. For every collar bought they donate to help shelter pets in need. If I can help a dog in need and buy a cute collar for my dog, for me it’s a win-win!

I think it’s so important that dogs in shelters get the care they need and in order to do this they need the funds, so for that their mission is great.  If you would like to read my post I wrote about French Bulldog rescues you can see it here.  Neptune and Co. will donate a dollar for each collar sold to a different organization chosen monthly.  Cute and sweet, huh?

Coral Floral Collar and Leash Set - Neptune & Co.

MicroFiber or Rolled Leather

Dog Line has a variety of microfiber and leather collars, matching leashes and harnesses.  You can even personalize some of them, at less than twenty dollars for a collar with your dog’s name on it you really can’t beat it. They also have a 100% cow leather collar, hand made, rolled and dyed in your favorite color.  They are simple yet beautiful!  Leather collars seem to hold up just about the best out of any material, so if your looking for a long lasting collar leather is the way to go.
Collars and LeashesSoft Leather Round Collar


Cycle Dog’s Earth Friendly collars are made from recycled bike tires saving them from the landfills. Not only are they pretty they have some really cool and unique features. They are antibacterial and hand stitched in the United States.  These collars have a secure no pinch, seat belt buckle latch and the leash clip can even be used as a bottle opener! I personally like the hot pink one but there are several colors that are all highly reflective or you can choose a pattern.Cycle Dog Earth Friendly Dog Collars


I love studded, cute dog collars! I think they look great, especially on the bully breeds. You can get a pink one for your girly girl dog and she will instantly look tough!   These come in many colors, not just pink so the guys can look handsome in them too! 

Handmade & Rhinestone

I’m a sucker when it comes to both of those two things, rhinestone and homemade.  Handmade collars offer something unique that you can’t really get with traditional collars.  They are just as good if not better quality wise, and you can personalize them.  Expect to pay a little more for a handmade collar, as they take more time and you are often supporting everyday people just like me and you.  1.5" Rhinestone Collar
Rhinestone Flat-buckle Collar


BlueBerry Pet has some of the cutest dog collars around for ones that are not handmade.  The cheapest I could find them was on Amazon and they come with a flower already on them, or you can get one with a cute charm or bow.  There are a few different patterns to choose from if you don’t like the navy blue, all the patterns are cute dog collars.   They also have a really pretty leather collar that is different.  It looks more expensive than the price reflects, it’s only $20.

Amazon is my favorite place to go when it comes to finding the best deals on most products.  And as always they have some really cute dog collars with affordable prices.  Can’t pick a favorite I like them all so much!  Anything pink, sparkly, or with a bow I just love it and have to have it.


Hope you all like my list of favorite dog collars!  These are all MaeLee approved, she would wear them!  I really tried to showcase some of the collars I would actually put on my own dog.  She already has a lot of collars for every occasion, but I’m always buying more.  Collars are something that I can’t get enough of as a dog owner.  Would almost call it a borderline obsession I have with her and collars.  I’d like her to have one for every day of the month.

I’ll eventually get there if I don’t stop, I got that way with headbands for myself once.  Now, I have a huge drawer full of headbands and I rarely even wear them anymore.  Don’t know if I will ever get tired of buying collars for my dog though, she will always wear them and I never get tired of looking at them.

A dog collar for most people might just be to serve a purpose, to walk your dog.  I treat my dog like my daughter and love to dress her in the cutest most stylish collars around.  Maybe I’ll move on to something else in the future, but for now, cute dog collars are my obsession.  I’m actually even thinking of creating my own line of dog collars.  What do you think?  I’d love to hear from you guys, as always!