April showers bring May flowers.  Spring has sprung and it’s usually a rainy start to the season.  Keep your furry baby dry and happy with a dog raincoat.  We use raincoats, umbrellas and rain boots for our adventures, so why not do the same for our dogs?  They like to stay warm and dry too!

Some dogs might not mind the rain, however, French Bulldogs are notorious for hating it.  My Miss Maelee won’t even go potty outside if it’s sprinkling without her raincoat and a little encouragement.  Other small dogs are probably the same way.  Therefore it’s a great idea to invest in a set of rain boots and a raincoat to keep them dry anytime we are out and about.  I love April, it’s my birthday month, my son’s birthday month, and it’s Easter!

Today I’ll go over some of my favorite Raincoats and the cutest ones out there so you can make an easy decision.  I scavenge the web looking for the most adorable products for your dog so you don’t have to spend time doing the research yourself.  There’s nothing featured on my website that I wouldn’t put on my own dog.

Yellow Whale Raincoat

This Raincoat is the cutest of them all in my opinion.  It has a hood so you can keep your dog’s head dry as well.  It’s bright yellow with a cute little whale embroidered on it.  You can take your dog out in style with this little raincoat and look adorable doing so.  It is also one of the top-rated dog raincoats on Amazon with 5 out of 5 stars.

 Yellow Raincoat with Removable Hood

Check out this adorable hooded raincoat for dogs, it resembles a raincoat a human would even wear.  Isn’t it adorable?  It comes in yellow, navy blue, or red.  It is double layered for added protection and also features a striped pattern on the inside.  This is a premium and super stylish raincoat with great ratings!

 Reversible Waterproof Vest

So this one isn’t technically just a raincoat.  It is reversible so it doubles as a stylish winter vest as well.  You get two coats for the price of one and it’s cute as a button too!  The downside to this one is there isn’t a hood, however, most dogs may not tolerate a hood so this may be a better option for you.  There is a plaid side that is fleece for added warmth and a solid side that is weather and waterproof for the winter and rain.  Comes in 6 stylish colors.

 Packable Lightweight Raincoat

This “rubber ducky” raincoat is highly rated and featured by professional dog walkers.  This raincoat is super cute and really cheap at only $12 you really can’t beat it.  This design features 17 different patterns so you can choose the one you like the best.  You can store this jacket away in the pouch in your car, bag, or home for those rainy weather days.  With this lightweight raincoat, you will always be prepared with the portability of this product!  For the price, customers say this is a great quality raincoat for your dog.

It may or may not be practical for you to use a raincoat for your dog.  Some dogs love water and wouldn’t mind playing in the rain.  However, there are some dogs that just can’t stand to get wet.  French Bulldogs ears stand up and I think the rain bothers their ears so a raincoat for them is ideal.  Also, Boston terriers and long-haired dogs will benefit greatly from raincoats.  Rain is unpredictable and life must go on.


I treat my dog as a child and I know a lot of people out there do too.  She is part of the family so anything I can do to make her life more enjoyable.  If she doesn’t like the rain it’s only natural to find a solution.  Another good use for a raincoat is to keep your dog clean.  Going out in the rain and getting wet leaves for a soggy smelling “wet dog” stink.  With a rain jacket for walks and potty breaks, it will eliminate the need for so many baths.  Bringing your dog in from the rain they will need to be bathed right after to avoid the wet dog smell.  Keep your dog and furniture dry by using a dog raincoat.

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