I have been on a little break from my blog recently and just wanted to share an experience I went through with Maylee the past week.  I gave Maylee a bath and immediatly noticed within a couple days her ears were starting to get red and irritated and she was scratching at them ever so often.  It wasn’t really the scratching where I knew something was wrong it was how red the inside of her ear.  As it was progressively getting worse just within a day or two and a brown like wax buildup was on the inside of the ear canal.

Before anything else let me say that the vet said he didn’t think the water from the bath was the issue.  However, he did say that she could have eaten something she could have been allergic to or something else could have caused her ear infection.  I still believe that maybe the water from the bath made it worse, even though I am always really careful about getting water into her ears.  As you know Frenchies have ears that naturally perk up and are always open leaving them vulnerable in the bath to soap and water.  From now on eventhough it might have not been the cause, I will put cotton in her ears while bathing her just to be sure.  It couldn’t hurt right?

Besides the ear infection I noticed that she started to break out in a rash on her stomach as well,  I thought well maybe it was just a scratch at first but as a couple days went on it didn’t go away either and her ears were getting worse.  I took her to the vet to find out that she had an ear infection.  You would think, oh not that big of a deal right?  Wrong, she ended up needing a shot, ear drops, and an antibiotic to treat this infection.  Costing me a whopping 250 dollars.  I researched online when I got home to look at the average cost to treat one, and that’s actually on the lower end of the spectrum for treating one.  I am not complaining as I would litterally spend my last dollar to make sure my dog is fine.  Whatever it takes!

That just goes to show the repsonsibility and commitment it takes in raising a happy, healthy French Bulldog.  It’s almost like having a luxury car, as you know maitenence on a luxury car is going to cost you more every single time.  When buying a French Bulldog each of us should be prepared for that cost, any time we need to take our dogs to the vet.  Whether it be shots, just a check up, or like Maylee’s ear infection it never hurts to be prepared.  To always have that few hundred dollars aside just in case something like that ever should arise.  Plus lord forbid an emergency ever should happen after vet hours then that really would cost you.

I wanted to write this article to give you guys an idea on the symptoms to look for should your dog have an ear infection.  As at first I thought it possibly could be ear mites as a lot of the symptoms are similar.  However, usually with ear mites the dog has to come in contact with a dog or a cat that has ear mites and they transfer that way.  Which I didn’t think Maylee had been around a strange dog or cat, because she’s in the house or on a leash when we go places.  That way I have control over what or who she comes in contact with.  As parvo can be dangerous and live on surfaces up to 5 years, so you can really never be too careful.  Especially when it comes to our beloved bulldogs and any puppies you should limit exposure to places that you don’t know for sure aren’t safe.  Anywhere could be contaminated, and it’s downright dangerous for young puppies prior to the parvo shot.  Even afterwards, I would never risk it.

With a ear infection the first thing you will notice is the ear wax takes on a brown color, and your dog will either scratch or rub the furniture trying to scratch their head.  You might also notice them tilting their heads a certain way and shaking their heads a lot.  Maylee got hers to where she had a scab and that’s when I immediatly knew something wasn’t right.  

To be honest, I know sometimes as pet owners we think, oh it’s nothing, let’s give it a few days and see if it clears up.  But you know your dog better than anyone else and almost immediatly know when something isn’t right.  That’s when we mosey on to the vet or get on the phone and consult to see if it’s something we need to bring them in for.  As in most cases it’s better to be safe than sorry.  

My dog is like my daughter, if I thought for one minute she had a cold like a child I would take her to the vet.  Most people treat their pets as children, especially this generation of animal lovers.  Spending is no different, there are people with dogs that eat better than the humans themselves.  Honestly, I see nothing wrong with that.  Your dog is your best friend and your most loyal companion.  She will be there at the end of the day to kiss you, to snuggle you when you wanna lay down, and stick by your side and defend you with everything she has.  That’s why there’s no greater love, than that of children and dogs.  They will complete your family and make all of your gloomy days fill with sunshine again.

I just wanted to give you guys an update as to why we haven’t been posting, maybe this will help one person concerned their dog might have an ear infection.