Prices of a French Bulldog Puppy – Beware of Cheap Puppy Scams

While French Bulldogs are growing in popularity due to celebrities, the price of one does NOT ever come cheap.

Why are they so expensive?

If you are looking to purchase a French Bulldog puppy you should expect to pay at least two thousand dollars for a good pet quality puppy. A lot of factors go into the pricing of a french bulldog such as color, genetics, registration, etc. The main reason they are so expensive is because of the breeding process.  The vet bills a Frenchie breeder will pay are very high.  They require artificial insemination unlike most dogs and also require a cesarean to deliver the litter.  French Bulldogs cannot have their puppies naturally as the mothers might die if you don’t get her to the vet. They are extremely hard to breed!!! The litter size is on average is four puppies, this varies and can be less or more. But after vet bills most breeders only make enough profit to invest back into their breeding program.  You should never get into the dog breeding business for profit, as it should only be done to perfect the breed.

Beware of Puppy Scams

If you are looking to buy a French Bulldog then you might have crossed some websites offering Frenchies for sale for less than a thousand dollars, DO NOT BUY a puppy from one of these sites. They have stolen information, pictures, and are trying to steal your money. As a french bulldog owner myself, I promise you that you do not want to pay less than two thousand dollars for your puppy. It might be tempting to inquire about a french bulldog puppy at a discounted rate but I have come across a lot of fake websites offering to have discounted puppies. More than likely you will either get your money took entirely or you are buying from a puppy mill that practices horrible breeding practices and you will not get a good quality puppy. This only hurts the industry and makes it harder for good breeders to stay ahead.

Colors and Pricing

There are several different colors of Frenchies they are Brindle, Pied, fawn, cream, red, blue, merle, blue fawns, black and tans, Lilac, and different variations of each. The AKC only accepts the Brindle, Fawn, Cream, and Pied in their standard though as that is something to consider if you are looking to purchase one. The blue ones are often associated with a genetic disorder and are not recognized to be an acceptable color. However with that said the price will vary upon the color you choose, Brindle and Pies are on the lower $2000 dollar range, while cream and fawn are $2500 plus, blues, blue fawns, and merles are usually $3000 plus, and then the merles and lilac with lilac being the rarest go up from there. For a good quality Lilac you could likely spend anywhere from $4000-$12000 for one then I’ve also seen some for a lot higher depending on their rarity and then their pedigrees. Dogs with Champion bloodlines are often priced higher as their chance for having a champion puppy increases they become more valuable. You can also either get a Pet registration or Full registration that comes with breeding rights and the price will be more expensive for full rights. I would recommend only getting an American Kennel Club (AKC) registered French Bulldog as the AKC is the best registration ensuring no inbreeding or bad breeding practices. Sometimes you can find a good breeder overseas that will ship you a French Bulldog that is transferable to the AKC registration but beware of sellers from other countries as well. Imports are usually a little larger than the American bred Frenchies and have an extra vertebra in their backs to appear a little longer, and they also seem to look a little different so be careful when choosing a puppy that is not bred in the United States.  Make sure you find a seller that will accept PAYPAL if you plan to purchase a dog from Europe or anywhere you can’t physically pick up the dog in person.  PayPal will cover your payment if you don’t receive the puppy.  It’s very important!!

Worth Every Penny

I am absolutely obsessed with everything French Bulldog. I have owned two little sweet girls and plan to buy another one soon. I can assure you that they are worth every penny of the thousands you will pay for one. The joy that a little bat-eared doll will bring to you and your family makes the price seem insignificant. They are often referred to as the clowns of the dog community, and just looking at them you can probably see why. They are LOVABULL, squishy, smart, and sweet and once you own one it’s hard not to buy another one. Frenchies make for amazing family pets, you can keep them in small apartments as they don’t really require too much exercise. They are low shed, low maintenance other than keeping up with your visits to the vet and they require minimal grooming.

Why you should own a French Bulldog…

Even with the cost in the thousands, I can assure you it’s worth it.   If you are thinking about investing in a puppy for your family, you won’t regret the decision. Mine usually spends her days playing fetch with my boys or cuddled up on top of someone snoring as loud as any human ever could. She is my best friend and the most loyal companion anyone could ever ask for. They are relatively easy to train, a little stubborn but they respond well to positive reinforcement with treats and toys. The French Bulldog, in my opinion, the most CLASSY of all of the dog breeds!!  You can accessorize your pooch and make a high-quality fashion statement with bows, collars, tutus, flowers, and so on. You really won’t find a dog that looks as ROYAL as the Frenchie does when walking down the street you are sure to turn heads and get attention if you own a French Bulldog. I usually dress mine in 6-inch bow tie collars to make her look even more glamorous.

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