In this post, I will be discussing the importance of French Bulldog Rescues and how vital they are to the dog industry.

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The Sad Reality for Rescued French Bulldogs

Many dogs are abandoned or given up for adoption each year in the United States.   Circumstances can change owners can die and things do sometimes happen, but most of the time it’s a dog that’s really in need that ends up in a shelter.  This is especially true when we are talking about one of the most expensive dog breeds.  Although not near as common as a mixed breed, pit bull, or other dog breed French Bulldogs rarely but do sometimes end up in a shelter.  There are special rescue networks set up that only deals in the Rescue and Adoption of the French Bulldog.  Before you adopt,  it’s important for you to consider the cost of vet bills and research the breed thoroughly before you decide to provide a loving home for a French Bulldog rescue.

French Bulldogs are one of the most expensive dog breeds to own due to the cost associated with keeping one happy and healthy.  If you feel that you are ready to take on the responsibility of owning one of the most LOVABULL, hugabull, adorabull creatures on earth, then you should find a puppy in need and by all means, adopt them. When you help a rescue or shelter you are truly a great person and will in return be rewarded with the most fun-loving, comical little fur babies possible.  French Bulldogs need a lot of love, praise, and attention and this is crucial in any happy healthy Frenchie.  You absolutely must have the time to dedicate your all to your dog.  If you do plan to adopt a French Bulldog baby it is going to be the single most rewarding investment you could possibly make and you will create a long lasting bond with the world’s most GORGEOUS dog.

The Mission of a French Bulldog Rescue – Help a Dog in Need

French Bulldog Rescue’s main goal is to help the industry. They are on a mission to rehabilitate and re-home French Bulldog puppies and adults.  They will take care of all the assessments, veterinary costs, shots, spay, and neuter, etc. to ensure you will have a healthy dog before you welcome it into your home. The re-home or adoption fee typically only covers what the rescue has put into the rehab itself. If you are thinking about getting a French Bulldog puppy or maybe you don’t have the means to purchase one for thousands of dollars consider buying a Rescue before you buy a puppy from a breeder. The majority of these rescues have been taken from Puppy Mills, brokers, or taken in animal abuse and negligence cases. Just because a French Bulldog costs thousands of dollars to purchase doesn’t mean that there aren’t puppy mills out there that have horrible breeding practices, mass-produced all to try and make a quick buck.   The dogs end up suffering tremendously because of the selfishness of these horrible people.  It’s extremely heartbreaking, the dogs are the victims in these scams.  They are totally dependant on people like you and me to make the fostering programs work. Even if you aren’t looking to purchase a dog or puppy you should consider trying to help your local animal shelter in any way that you possibly can, or donate to the ASPCA.

ADOPT before you shop

The  French Bulldog market is flooded. Now more than even Rescues need you to adopt the ones they have saved. A lot of times they will breed them overseas and then flood the US market with imports from these puppy mills. I’m not saying that all imported French Bulldogs are bad, they aren’t. If the rescues didn’t intervene the puppies end up costing the potential owners thousands in vet bills as they often come with a long list of health problems from being stuck in these horrible conditions. They are literally saving lives one pup at a time and it’s crucial that we get the word out about how important it is to help these programs succeed.  The people that help these dogs are often just working for free for the love of a dog. Anything you can do to give back would be so greatly appreciated, not just in the French Bulldog industry but the entire animal industry as a whole. Shelters often operate as a non-profit and simply depend on the help of the animal community.

Reasons French Bulldogs are in a shelter

There are many different reasons a French Bulldog can end up in a Rescue.  Whether it be a puppy or adult, they can be taken from puppy mills, neglect cases, loss of owner, abuse cases, import brokers, etc. they depend on the community to foster and support a good cause.  If you are looking to purchase a French Bulldog from a rescue you can find one in your area by searching google.  Some of the larger French Bulldog Networks you can find information about on the French Bulldog Club Website.

The French Bulldog Rescue Network

The French Bulldog Village

The Chicago French Bulldog Rescue

There are also many smaller organizations that would appreciate your help. Some of the organizations offer full breed Frenchies or mixed breed Frenchies for a discounted price, most of the time you shouldn’t expect to pay half of what you would pay for a puppy from a breeder.  There are also adult dogs listed on and other pet buying websites that sometimes have older or breeder dogs that they are looking to sell and you can also expect to pay less for one of those as opposed to getting a full priced puppy from a reputable breeder.  If you don’t have the financial means to purchase a puppy full price then those would be your best options, that’s the only time you are going to find a “cheap” French Bulldog.

Beware of Fake sellers and adoption centers…

Before you should decide to adopt a French Bulldog whether it be a Rescue or not you should do your research on the company, breeder, kennel, person, shelter, etc. so that you can get a good grasp on what to expect in your new family addition.  French Bulldogs are going to cost at least a couple grand from a breeder or kennel and significantly cheaper from a rescue or shelter.  You should expect your puppy to be up-to-date on any vaccinations and plan to resume these from the time you get your dog.  You should always want to see vet records for proof of the care of the dog you are planning to purchase.  Rescue programs often have lengthy adoption processes that may seem like more trouble than what it is worth.  I can assure you otherwise as it is the only goal of the seller to only provide the best home for the dog as humanly possible.  You should be prepared to fill out lengthy paperwork and possibly even have your home expected for the dog to be able to come into your home, whether it be for a foster or for a fur-ever home.  You can expect to be able and physically pick up your dog anytime you purchase or adopt one as this is a common scheme used by scammers.  Scammers will often only offer for the dog to be shipped to you since they don’t actually even have the dog only stolen pictures and information.   So make sure you thoroughly do your research any time before making a purchase or even consider adopting a pet.

What shelter or organization will you be helping this year?  I’d love to hear from you guys about your experience with Shelter dogs or helping a dog in need!