Bat Eared Beauties

Special Characteristics

What makes the French Bulldog so special?  These bat eared beauties are known for their widebodies, short frames, bat ears, and wrinkle faces. Frenchie Bulls have crooked teeth and an underbite.  They have a curled pigtail that is just as cute as it can be! They are squishy, snorty and sweet. French Bulldogs do snore and snort as they have a very short muzzle, this is what makes them so cute! French Bulldogs signature trait is their giant bat ears that is the most distinguishable difference between that and their ancestors the English Bulldog. The English crossed with Ratters from France in the 1800s and the French Bulldog was made! They have made it to #4 in popularity (AKC rank) in the United States!

Call me a Pug Again…

Frenchies are not to be mistaken for simply a miniature Bulldog, as they are their own unique breed. They do resemble Pugs, Boston Terriers, and might occasionally be mistaken as such.  French Bulldogs are designer dogs and are elegant by design.

Weight and Height

French Bulldogs range from 15-28 pounds with the females being smaller than the males. There are also some breeders that have a “miniature french bulldog” version that might be smaller than the standard Frenchie size. The height of the French Bulldog is 11-13 inches. They are a brick house in terms of the way they are built, they are very low to the ground and resemble a tonka truck. They might be small but the French Bulldog but is jam-packed with personality!!


Not to be outdone or underestimated the French Bulldog is full of some of the most amazing qualities you will find in a dog. They are known as the “CLOWNS” of the dog world because they are absolutely hilarious and will often look for ways to make you laugh. They come jam-packed with a lot of sass and personality in a short, cobby body.  The Bulldog strut as I like to call it is the cutest thing I have ever seen! You won’t find a sweeter more affectionate dog to have as your companion.

Frenchies are loyal, smart, and lazy, sometimes a little stubborn too in a cute way.  My girl has a this is my world kinda attitude and we just live in it! She definitely gets her way pretty much 100% of the time.. I can’t help myself!

The girls are prissy and the boys are more laid back in my opinion. French Bulldogs can be playful in spurts, they are low energy but they do like to play with toys and love to play fetch and tug of war!

You can find a french bulldog curled up in your lap or cuddled up snoring the day away. French Bulldogs make a great addition to any family as they are great with children and other pets. It’s hard to own just one Frenchie because once you get one you will just want another!


You can buy a French Bulldog in a rainbow of colors. And it is important to know the difference between each as that usually determines their value. The basic colors are Pied, Brindle, Fawn, Red, and Cream. There are also colors that are not recognized by the AKC such as Blue, Blue Fawn, Black and Tan, and Merle.  I think the reds and blues are the prettiest but that’s just my opinion.  A lot of people seem to favor the Brindle.  They are all beautiful in their own right!  The rarest color French Bulldog is Lilac and you should expect to pay a small fortune for one of those.

A girl’s best friend…

My French Bulldog is my baby, she is my only daughter and I honestly consider her just like a child. She is a princess that is spoiled rotten which every Frenchie should be. You should give your dog plenty of attention and make sure you stay current on vet appointments and shots. French Bulldogs require minimal care and make a great dog for literally anyone. They are highly adaptable, friendly, and can live in the city or an apartment.