If you or your dog suffers from separation anxiety when you leave your home Furbo Dog Camera might be the solution!  The Furbo Dog Camera allows you to monitor and reward your furry friend while still remaining productive at work.  It takes the worry out of trips for both of you.  With technology today we have a way to monitor just about everything, keeping up with our pet shouldn’t be any different.

Price: $179.00 on Amazon

Key Features:

– Treat Tossing               -2 Way radio

-Bark Alerts                    -1080p Full HD & Night Vision

-Simple & Easy set up


Yes, it actually tosses treats!   You can even set it up treats on a time schedule and use Alexa with your Android device.  Personally, I think this is what puts the Furbo above the rest in my book.  Being able to look in on your dog is one thing but being able to give them a treat for behaving while your away is rewarding for us both.  You can literally train your dog from anywhere using this feature!  The dispenser uses small, round treats with a diameter of no larger than 0.4 inches.  In the box, you will find a sample size of treats but you can use any brand treat once you run out of those.  Any solid mini-sized treat will work, the ones I usually use are discontinued but Zuke’s minis work as a substitute.

Features a two-way radio so you can receive alerts when your dog is barking or being rambunctious.  You can adjust the sensitivity of this, so it’s not picking up just any little background noise.  A lot of dog lives have actually even been saved with this camera.  One Amazon reviewer says her Carbon Monoxide detector went off, she got an alert, in turn, the Furbo Dog Camera saved her dog’s life. Another reviewer had a house fire, his dog wouldn’t quit barking, he got an alert and was able to save his dog as well.

You can live stream on the Full HD camera with built-in Night Vision.  You can also see the entire room with the 160-degree angle on the camera.

Set up is easy, you don’t really even have to be very tech savvy to use the Furbo Dog Camera.  You literally just download the app, connect it to your Wifi and log in to the app.  It’s really that simple and the app interface is smooth and easy to use.


There’s a subscription service for the Furbo Dog Camera.  The subscription comes free with the Furbo for 90 days.  It will alert you according to your preferences with smart alerts.  This includes person alert to warn you of any intruders or when any human comes into frame.  An activity alert to notify you if your dog is doing anything they shouldn’t be and the selfie alert which lets you know when the dog gets up close to the camera lens.  Also included in the premium subscription is cloud-based recording that lets you see what you missed throughout the day and highlights of your dog’s most active moments.

These features may or may not be important to you.  I personally didn’t renew the subscription as I didn’t need the premium features that much. It just depends on what your needs are and how much you need to know what’s happening in your home.  You will never lose access to the camera, microphone or treat tossing feature as those are free for the lifetime you own the product.

You can’t adjust this camera.  It does have a 160-degree wide angle and 4 times zoom though, so look for a good spot higher up to see your entire room.


Overall I think the Furbo Dog Camera is an excellent product for any pet owner.  There was really a lot of thought that went into the development of this product.   It is highly recommended by many professionals and vets. It has a lot more features than you would expect to get with a regular camera, with your dog in mind.  Features a blue and yellow light system that lights up blue when you connect with your dog and in time she will learn that the blue light means you can see her.  Dogs are smart creatures and only want our love and attention. It would be really beneficial if someone was deployed or had to travel a lot. Most of us can’t be at home 24/7 to watch them, so The Furbo Dog camera can really make a big impact on the health of you and your pet.

If your dog has anxiety it might be worth investing in this dog camera, as it would really be beneficial for your dog.  I personally wish this product was around 10 years ago, I had a pit bull that was so destructive.  Every time I would leave the house I would always come back home to such a disaster.  He shredded furniture, chewed my retainer, Xbox controller cords and just anything he could get, he would destroy it.  I spent a small fortune just replacing items he tore up. I have a more laid back French Bulldog nowadays and it’s much easier to leave her, however, we as humans never get used to having to be apart from them. 🙂