The French Bulldog took over the top spot on Instagram according to Hashtags.  #FrenchiesofInstagram is a really big thing on the platform these days.  This week my MyVoucherCodes released their findings on hashtags according to each breed.  There are literally Frenchies that are famous just because of Instagram!

My Voucher Codes is a website based in the UK that lists coupon codes for shopping online did a study to find the most Instagrammed dog.  They searched by hashtags for each dog to get the results.

The results that they got from their study from Instagram hashtags don’t match up to the AKC rankings that well.  However, the AKC rankings for 2018 haven’t been released yet, so it’s hard to say if Frenchies have moved up from number four on that list or not.  In 2017, according to the American Kennel Club, the Labrador Retriever holds the top spot here in the United States.  Labs have been the most registered dog here for years.  Labs are #5 on the list!

In registrations coming in from the United Kingdom Frenchies also took that number one spot for their Kennel Club.  Labs had been the most popular over there since the year 1990 in the U.K.  Frenchies appear to be really taking off!!

Celebrities have had a huge impact on that increase.  They have glamourized them in a way that has made them highly desirable.  Then the social media platforms, of course, play a big role in that increase as well.  I can see why everyone loves the French Bulldog so much, as you can see!  They have been my passion for years and I am so glad they are gaining in popularity!

1. French Bulldog

#FrenchBulldog, #FrenchiesofInstagram, #frenchie

39.2 Million Hashtags!!!

2. Pug

#Pug, #PugsofInstagram, #Pugs

29.3 Million Hashtags

3. Chihuahua

#Chihuahua, #ChihuahuasofInstagram, #Chihuahuas

27.7 Million Hashtags

4. English Bulldog

#Bulldog, #BulldogsofInstagram, #EnglishBulldog

24.7 Million Hashtags

5. Labrador Retriever

#LabradorRetriever, #LabradorRetrieversofInstagram, #Labrador

19.1 Million Hashtags

6. Golden Retriever

#GoldenRetriever, #GoldenRetrieversofInstagram, #gloriousgoldens

18.7 Million Hashtags

7. Siberian Huskey

#SiberianHuskey, #SiberianHuskiesofInstagram, #Husky

17.8 Million Hashtags

8. Dachshund

#Dachshund, #DachshundsofInstagram, #Sausagedog

17.2 Million Hastags

9. Pomeranian

#Pomeranian, #PomeraniansofInstagram, #pom

15.5 Million Hashtags

10.Yorkshire Terrier

#YorkshireTerrior, #YorkiesofInstagram, #Yorkie

14.9 Million Hashtags

11. Standard Poodle – 13.3 Million Hashtags

12. Beagle – 12.8 Million Hashtags

13. Shiba Inu – 11.8 Million Hashtags

14. Shih Tzu – 11.5 Million Hashtags

15. Border Collie – 10.9 Million Hashtags

16. Jack Russell  10.5 Million Hashtags

17. Boston Terrier – 9.6 Million Hashtags

18. Staffordshire Bull Terrier – 7.6 Million Hashtag

19. Australian Shepherd – 7.3 Million Hashtags

20. Boxer – 6.9 Million Hashtags

Next came Maltese (6.7 million hashtags), Rottweilers (4.8 million hashtags), Toy Poodles (5.6 million hashtags), Great Danes (3.4 million hashtags) and Golden Doodle (4.2 million hashtags).

Then came the West Highland White Terriers (2.8 million hashtags), Labradoodles (2.3 million hashtags), Bull Terriers (3.3 million hashtags) and Shetland Sheepdogs (1.5 million hashtags).

Bottom line is people love talking about their dog on social media!  And everyone loves Frenchies on Instagram…I hope your dog breed made the list! My Miss Maelee has her own social media accounts as well.  You can check out MyVoucherCode’s article to get the “official results” here if you want!

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