Improve the health and longevity of your dog by giving them supplements. I recommend natural, organic supplements so you know exactly what you are getting. Many of us already take vitamins to improve our health so naturally, we want to give them to our pets as well. Natural supplements for dogs aid in many canine illnesses and promote healthy skin, coat, and joints. Please check with your veterinarian before administering any type of vitamin or supplement to your pet.

Natural Dog Company supplements

Skin & Coat Natural Supplements

I have partnered with Natural Dog Company to only bring the highest quality natural pet products into your home.  Natural Dog has a line of 4 different all natural organicNatural Dog Supplements for skin and coat supplements for our canines.  The first one I ordered was the Skin & Coat supplement for Maelee.  They are Salmon and Pea flavor and are soft chewy bite size supplements.  She loved the taste and smell and wanted a second one.  It is only recommended to give her one per day since she is under 25 pounds.

They come in a count of 90 which is a three month supply when given daily for a small dog.  It is jam-packed with beneficial organic ingredients.  Fatty acids, DHA Gold, Biotin, and Wild Alaskan Salmon oil just to name some of the important ones.  Formulated to help dogs with allergies and prevention of allergies and boost immune health.  Also helps their brain, eyesight, and nervous system development.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are essential for a balanced immune system and help control degenerative and inflammatory issues.  Great for dogs with allergies, skin irritations, heart disease, cancer, liver or kidney disease, diabetes, and arthritis.  Even if your dog is perfectly healthy they can still benefit from a natural dog supplement in the prevention of many common canine disorders.Skin and Coat natural dog supplement

This really is a supplement line you can feel good about giving your dog.  Made right here in the United States with only the finest natural ingredients.  Veterinarian approved, grain free, and good manufacturing process certified.  This is a company I stand behind and know first hand the quality of every ingredient in each product.  They are a company making small batches to assure love goes into each bottle.


Your dog should be on a well-balanced diet already receiving crucial vitamins and minerals.  There are many instances where you can even further and provide a multivitamin for a boost, help with illnesses, or provide more nutrients on a raw unbalanced diet.  The Natural Dog Multivitamin has 35 beneficial nutrients your dog needs.  All natural organic formula has turmeric, hemp seed, cod liver oil, and a special enzyme and multivitamin blend.  Grain, soy and corn free.  Only premium organic ingredients that promote holistic dog health.

Ideal for senior dogs with arthritis, any soreness aches or pains associated with aging.  Formulated and balanced to help your dogs’ skin and coat as well as hips and joints.  This multivitamin is soft and chewy, duck and sweet potato flavor.


A probiotic supplement will help keep your dog regular and healthy.  Formulated to support digestive health.  A healthy organic blend of pre and probiotics for a healthy digestive tract.  Natural Dog’s special formula made with prebiotic fructooligosaccharides (FOS.)   FOS aids in the absorption of dietary calcium, iron, and other very important minerals.

Pumpkin and chicken flavor delicious soft chew for your pup.  Pumpkin makes a great source of protein, fiber, and carbs.  A probiotic supplement may support vision health, prevent constipation, and help dogs with digestion of foods that would otherwise be very difficult.  This unique formula will also slow down the aging process with the antioxidant beta-carotene.  Beneficial for dogs with digestive issues and sensitive tummies.  Will also help with any bloating or flatulence issues.

Hip & Joint Natural Supplements

Use a hip and joint supplement to keep your dog feeling young and healthy.  Safe for dogs of all ages keeping their bones strong as they mature.  You can use a joint supplement as a preventive measure or help an aging dog with arthritis.  Natural proprietary formula with Wild Alaskan Salmon oil and  New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel to help keep your dog strong.

Helps to relieve inflammation often associated with aging or arthritis.  Joint Supplements will help with aches, pains, mobility issues, and inflammation often associated with senior dogs.  Promote joint function and joint mobility with an added supplement for your canine.  As your dog grows or ages it’s important we provide them with all of the vitamins and nutrients to support healthy growth and bones.  A hip and joint supplement are necessary for any senior dog, however, you can give any aged dog this safe all natural supplement for prevention.  Keeping your dog active is essential to a fulfilling life and sometimes with arthritis, or other issues it can be detrimental.  A vitamin will at least help them along the way, no one wants to get old.

Happy Healthy Dogs

french bulldog skin and coat vitamins
I put her supplements on the table to snap a picture of the packaging and she couldn’t resist the smell!!She loves taking these vitamins each day and I have no problem getting her to take them she thinks it’s a treat lol!


Natural Dog Company has registered FDA facilities and they really take a lot of pride in each product they create for us.  We want to give our dogs the best.  With Natural Dog you know exactly every ingredient going into your products.  They are all vet approved, canine tested and approved.  Only the highest quality all natural organic ingredients go into these supplements.  Maelee loved hers and I plan to try them all.  To see more products I recommend from Natural Dog Company make sure to visit my post here.  If you would like to see Natural Dog Company’s entire line of natural dog supplements you can see them here.  You can use my exclusive code at checkout to save 10% off any future purchases just enter LOVBULLZ

We want to do all we can to ensure we are giving our dog all of the essentials to live their most healthy life.  I like to share my experiences with you guys so you can see what works for me and my dog.  I feel great knowing I can supplement her diet with the finest natural ingredients.  I’ll let you guys know in a couple of weeks what improvements we have noticed with taking the supplements.  Until next time thanks for reading! 🙂


So it’s been a couple weeks since I began Maelee on her Natural Supplement from Natural Dog and I can already see major improvements in her skin and coat.   Her hair is now shiny and sleek and tremendously reduced the amount of hair she sheds.  Her coat was already a beautiful reddish brown but now it glistens in the sun and she looks even better.  These vitamins really work and I love that I don’t have near as much dog hair on my clothes!  I feel good because I know exactly what she’s getting in these vitamins and that’s only the finest natural ingredients.