Shed defender dog onsie

Shed Defender – The ULTIMATE Shedding Solution

Price – $39.99-$59.99

Colors – Black, Royal Blue, Forest Green, Purple, Red, Hot Pink, or Stars

Overall Rating – 4.5/5

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Shed Defender is a revolutionary product for dogs.  If you have a dog that sheds Shed Defender is the perfect solution.

What is Shed Defender?

Shed defender is a premium eco-friendly fabric suit designed with a zipper on the underside from head to tail for potty time.  The fabric is lightweight, soft, and comfortable.   It can protect your dog’s fur from the cold and keep them cool in the summer.  It’s a dog onesie made with stretchy material, making it easy to get on and off.  The shed defender was designed to help reduce shedding and has many other uses, making it versatile as well.  The Shed Defender is patent pending and veterinarian approved.  It is a natural way to control shedding and anxiety.  There are no supplements needed.


The Shed Defender not only prevents your dog from losing hair all over the place, but it also helps reduce anxiety.  The Shed Defender works wonders on the amount of hair loss in high shedders and long hair dogs.  All of the hair stays contained within the suit.  No more vacuuming and sweeping every day.

Proven to help with anxiety.  The form-fitting design applies gentle pressure and makes your dog feel secure.  Many owners noticed the improvement in their nervous dogs right away.

The suit has also been used in some cases to help control barking dogs.

Replaces the medical cone for surgery, hot spots or skin conditions.  It is the only suit covering the entire body so that your dog can’t scratch or bite themselves.  Great for dogs with allergies.  Allergies are really uncomfortable for dogs and they often make it worse by scratching and biting.

It can also help reduce the dust, and allergens in your home by containing the dander within the suit.  If you or your child suffer from allergies it would be worth it just for that.


I find it useful for going on car trips as dog hair used to get all over the car seats.  You won’t have to vacuum your house or car near as much.  You will finally be able to wear black clothes without the fear of dog hair all over them.Hot pink shed defender for dogs in the car

Furthermore outdoors protecting against ticks, flying insects, burrs, etc.  You can use the Shed Defender if your dog has undergone an operation to cover the incision to keep your dog from biting or scratching it.

It acts as a barrier from the cold which is really useful for Bulldogs especially.  Protects against outside elements dirt, mud, and water, keeping them clean in turn, they won’t be bringing it in.  You just unzip the zipper on the underneath a little and they can go potty in the suit.

Machine Washable – Tumble dry low or air dry

30 Day money back satisfaction Guarantee

–>Ready to help your dog with anxiety and keep the dog hair to a minimum try Shed Defender!!<–


The Shed Defender is a spandex type suit and may give you some issues when taking it on or off.

Some pets don’t like it.  Encourage your dog to move around and get used to the shed suit by providing them praise and treats.

You have to unzip it to let your dog go potty.  This is an added step to be able to take your dog outside.

It is not recommended for extended use.  You should never leave it on your dog for longer than 8 hours continuously unless prescribed by your vet.

Important to get the right size.  A suit too big could cause tripping or choking issues.  While too small could cause irritation or friction.

Won’t fully protect a dog against ticks or other bugs.  Please continue use of your flea prevention and treatments.  Here’s a few I recommend.


Shed Defender is available in mini,xx-small, x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large, and giant.  It is important to measure your dog and get the appropriate size for your dog.  It is not made like other dog clothing and requires you to measure accordingly.

As Seen On…

Shed Defender has been featured on Shark Tank, Animal Planet, Buzz Feed, Daily Mail, Today, Pet insider, and Good Day.

Is it Worth it?

Yes, I absolutely think this can change your life and your dog’s life.  Especially if you have a dog with hair, which is essentially every single dog.  While the product doesn’t change the amount of hair your dog will shed.  It keeps the hair in the suit and prevents your home, car, and clothes from being covered.  I know dog hair can be a real pain and having to take a lint roller to your clothes every time you go out is irritating.  My dog doesn’t shed really bad but still has improved the amount of hair I see.  Just the dog hair that’s not getting on the car seats is enough for me.

If you have a dog with anxiety it can really work wonders with them.  I know what it’s like to have a nervous dog and you want to do all you can to help them.  Many pet owners have noticed an immediate difference in their dog with anxiety.  You can find more reviews on or Amazon.

If you are using this product for medical purposes please consult with your vet beforehand.  There is a blog written by a veterinarian on the Shed Defender website if you would like to see it here.