We will be discussing stolen pets and why French Bulldogs make prime targets for dog thefts.  To prevent a lost or stolen pet it is vital we keep our dog on a leash.  Never allow your dog off the leash outdoors.

Frenchie Stolen From Owner

Recently in Frenchie news, there was an article about a blue Frenchie named Bleu Cheese being stolen from his owner from a park in Kansas City.  The owner is asking for the help of social media and word of mouth to get his French Bulldog back home.  You can read the news article here if you want to know more about his stolen pet.

Which leads me to what we will be discussing today and the things you can do to prevent your Bulldog from being lost or stolen.

In the sad world, we live in we shouldn’t have to worry about someone stealing our dog.  But it is the unfortunate reality of the world today.  It can happen and it does.  And will lead to the devastation of your entire family if it ever does.  French Bulldogs and Bulldogs are prime targets for these types of crimes just because they are worth more.

The Importance of a Leash

It is crucial for any dog breed to be trained properly both on and off of the leash.  However, with an expensive breed like our French Bulldogs, it is absolutely necessary anytime we are going outdoors that our pooch always remains on a leash. This will prevent any possibility of an accident or tragedy occurring.  It is often tempting to let our dogs off the lead to play and explore.  You can easily let them do this on the lead with a retractable leash.

This will not only prevent your dog from being stolen but it will also prevent your dog from running too far ahead of you or wandering off.  Without supervision, a dog can easily become distracted and run too far away and accidentally get lost.  Walking a Frenchie on a leash


Even if you are at home in your own yard your dog can still get stolen.  I always take my Frenchie out on a leash.  She more than likely would go out and come right back in, I don’t want to have the risk of her getting in the road or being stolen.  Even the most obedient dogs can get distracted and can wander away from your home.  If you need some assistance in the training of your dog you can check out my training guide for tips.

If you have a fenced in yard for them to roam just always remember to supervise their activity.  Thieves can be looking for any dogs left unattended and take your dog within a matter of seconds and leave you with a broken heart.  The same goes for tie outs, collars or whatever you may be using to keep your dog secure.

French bulldog on a leash


According to WebMD, only 15-20 percent of all lost dogs are ever reunited with their owners. Microchips are only useful in cases where someone picks a dog up and has the chip scanned to try to reunite the dog with the owners. They are not GPS trackers so you won’t be able to see where your dog is if it happens to get lost or stolen.

Microchips are very important.  Unfortunately, they are not going to be able to assist in the prevention of a lost or stolen pet.  It is also important to register your microchip and keep all the information updated, in the case of address or number change. Without the proper paperwork, microchips are again useless.

A Pet ID tag is also very beneficial when it comes to the event of your dog ever getting lost or stolen. They are inexpensive and easily obtainable and every dog should wear one. It’s a tag that attaches to the ring of a collar and can be found on just about any many pet supply websites, you can choose to put your pet’s name, your address, and your phone number on it. The most important part is going to be that you have your phone number on it so that if it does get lost the person will be able to contact you.

French bulldog with a collar

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking advice could be beneficial for you in the event if your dog was ever lost or stolen. Unlike microchips, GPS trackers can show you in real time exactly where your dog is using the global positioning signal. GPS for dogs is just like GPS in our cell phones or other devices.  They use orbiting satellites based on the reception of signals.

However, if you plan to keep your dog by your side and on the leash at all times then you probably wouldn’t have a use for one. GPS offers an added layer of protection and gives you the peace of mind if something bad ever did happen.

French Bulldog on a leash

Preventing Stolen Pets

Only as responsible pet owners can we prevent our dogs from being lost or stolen.  If you just keep your dog on a leash at all times while they are not indoors, the chances of a lost or stolen pet significantly diminish. It breaks my heart to think that people prey on innocent little dogs to possibly make a profit.  You just never know if your dog gets stolen if they are being mistreated or being cared for properly.  It’s really sad and people are mean.  I just wanted to remind everyone today about the importance of a leash just so we don’t have to go through that ourselves!

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If you see this dog or have any information about this dog please call KCK police at (913) 596-300. He is offering a reward and is not pressing charges.