Puppy Mills and Imports

I was online reading through some French Bulldog articles as usual and stumbled across this horrifying article written by telegraph.com in the UK.  And I had to reflect on it because it’s IMPORTANT.  It was published a couple years ago but still very much relevant today, if not even more so.

I wanted to go a little more in-depth on the imported puppies and puppy mill situation we have flooding our US-French Bulldog market.  Upon doing my research to buy my new puppy last year, I realized that people are breeding French Bulldogs in these puppy farms and making more money than drug dealers doing it.  Plus, it is favorable to criminals because they don’t have the risk involved, drugs are a big risk, puppies not so much.  And it’s so sad, in my very first article we discussed how not to get scammed when buying a puppy online.  With anything nowadays, there are just as many scammers as there are reputable breeders and that’s sad.  It’s frightening to think about all the people that actually click through to buy these dogs and never see a puppy.

Warning to my fellow Frenchie Friends…

Leading vets issued a warning outlining the celebrity craze being to blame for dangerous over-breeding, resulting in agonizing deformities and birth defects.  They blame celebrities for glamourizing the breed and the result is people over breeding poor quality bitches.  Then people like you and me get puppies that struggle to breathe and have serious respiratory problems.  French Bulldogs are classified as a brachycephalic breed, meaning they have a short flat nose.  This on its own can cause problems and serious vet bills. Let alone these atrocious practices making the health risk 100 times worse.

We all know how celebrities have really fueled the French Bulldog industry over the last few years, and I don’t see any decline in the demand anytime soon.  It’s just a sad reality that these irresponsible breeders are running these “puppy mills” and trying to cash in on the profit.

French Bulldogs are hard to breed, and SHOULD NOT be bred if you are not an experienced breeder or have done enough research to at least to know what you are doing.  I read a dozen books before I bred my female years ago and still didn’t think I had enough knowledge.  I also had a mentor that helped me throughout the entire process. I had one female and was not trying to make anything off of her.  I had a Westminster International Grand Champion’s granddaughter and wanted to get some show quality pups out of her, I bred her twice and stopped.  Her pedigree was out of this world, I tried to get some of the same bloodlines when purchasing my new Frenchie but couldn’t find the breeder, as this was almost 15 years ago.  I tried really hard though after I couldn’t find the breeder I searched for puppies in the same area to no avail.  Back then French Bulldogs were much less popular, in fact in the small town which I live no one even really knew what she was.  With that said,  If you are planning on breeding yours or buying a puppy I’m begging you to do your research first.  It will pay off in the long run.  I hate to see anyone that gets scammed or innocent dogs die at the hands of inexperience.

I remember this video from 6 months ago, we were going to apply to rescue one of the 23 dogs…The sad reality we live in

Some breeders overseas are legit and I’m not trying to say that all dogs being imported are bad, they aren’t. I will always suggest for people to find a puppy or dog where they can look at the dog first before they buy it.  Just because it makes more sense.  Or better yet there are French Bulldog Rescues that would love to have your business if you want to adopt a shelter pet. What if you “order” a dog from overseas and it gets here and is one of the many imports from a puppy mill?  You will end up with countless health issues and more vet bills than you will ever be able to pay.  French Bulldogs are already in the top three most expensive to keep just because of their pricey vet bills in the first place.  To own one you must be willing to invest, not only thousands up front but more down the road because there will be vet bills regardless if it’s a quality puppy or not.

If you do plan on ordering one from somewhere else that you can’t physically check the puppy and facility yourself, do your research.  Enough to know, and use your common sense.  Ask to look at the parents of the puppy, and make sure they accept PayPal.  Scammers will often times not use Paypal since there is buyer’s protection, they will use Western Union, bank wire, or money order.  If you pay with anything other than PayPal you are not guaranteed to get your money back or a puppy and you will just be left sad, lonely and taken advantage of.

I am constantly looking for ways to know more about the French Bulldog, they are the most fascinating creatures on Earth to me.  I’ll never stop educating myself about the breed, in the meantime I hope this blog helped one person make a more conscious decision.  Isn’t it a sad situation for these beautiful babies?  What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!